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Denali Executives Inc.- Get to know us! HR edition

About Me

Name: Kerri Connaughton

Position: Human Resource Director

Birthdate: May 16th

College Major: Early Childhood Education

Why did you start at Denali: I wanted to get my foot in the door with a company and gain experience in Human Resources.   Denali offered me that and I have the opportunity to grow with the company.

Best Experience in the company: The traveling! I went to the Kentucky Derby, Atlantis, Dallas- just to name a few!

What do you like most about working at Denali: Since I moved from a much smaller town in Arkansas to Indianapolis, I did not know a lot of people at all here. I have made a lot of life long friends from working at Denali. Denali has brought me out of my shell as well. I was a very shy person before working here!

Random Questions:

  1. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson – I mean come on this song was written for me!
  2. What is one of your favorite quotes? This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.
  3. What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? Horseback riding
  4. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Folding the laundry is the worst!
  5. Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? I don’t see it but I have several people say Miley Cyrus.
  6. What would you name the autobiography of your life? I Do My Own Thing
  7. What do you miss most about being a kid? No bills.
  8. What was the first thing you bought with your own money? I bought one of my horses!
  9. What is one thing most people do not know about you? I’m a lifetime Girl Scout.
  10. Favorite TV show? Breaking Bad but if I had to pick one that is currently on, Lip Sync Battle

My horse that is at my parent’s farm in Arkansas

I competed in Barrels and Poles before moving to Indianapolis

I have stood up on EVERY horse I have owned!

My Furbabies- Sassy, Cooper, and Bentley

Just a throw back picture! Sassy even as a kid…