Networking in Chicago


In order to be successful in any type of business you have to master the art of networking. For some that means getting on different forms of social media to meet like-minded individuals while still in the comfort of your own home to others it means getting out and shaking hands.

Here at Denali Executives we had the opportunity to travel to Chicago this past weekend and network with different assistant managers, managers and consultants from all over the Midwest and a few from each side of the coasts. During this regional conference we had the chance to listen to a top performing consultant, Rebby Sutherland, tell us “how to be successful and coach others.” Rebby explained that there are 3 pillars that you have to follow in order to be successful:

  1. Drive your law of averages; meaning, giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to win.
  2. Keep you pitch simple; you need to be able to replicate what you do in order to be successful and ALWAYS have integrity.
  3. Maintain attitude and enthusiasm; your brain is like a muscle, teach it to be stronger.

After Rebby spoke to the group we had an opportunity to separate into some break out groups and learn from some top performing managers. Some of the topics included time management, creating an unbreakable schedule and how to set clear goals.

All in all the conference was a great success. I mean how could it not when you finish it off with a trip to Portillo’s!


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