Ten Tips for Success

1. Improve your physical ENERGY level. You can’t make your goals and dreams come true if you are burned out, stressed out and running on empty. If you are dead on your feet, you are dead in the water.
2. Improve your sense of  PURPOSE. If your heart isn’t in the battle, you have lost the war way before it has begun.
3. Improve your ATTITUDE. It is impossible to make anything in your life worthwhile with a negative, self-defeating attitude. Admit to yourself that you don’t know it all and get excited about learning from the experience of others who are successful.
4. Improve your ability to SET GOALS. Without crystal-clear goals, you will simply burn up precious time and energy… with little or no progress made towards realizing your dreams.
5. Improve your ability to MAKE PLANS. Remember this simple FACT…a goal without a plan is merely a wish without a hope
6. Improve your ability to PRIORITIZE your activities that will get results. Focusing on the IMPORTANT tasks that get RESULTS that gives you the edge over your competition.
7. Improve your ability to create strong teams and interpersonal SYNERGY. Real power comes from building powerful teams of high energy positive like minded people.
8. Get and stay ORGANIZED. If your systems don’t support you…redesign your systems until they do. This is the single biggest flaw in people that holds most of them back from attaining success and accomplishing their dreams and goals. If you are inefficient, you are out of the game. 
9. Make OPTIMUM use of your time. Fail to Optimize your time and you will never live up to your full potential. The game will be over before you even get into the hunt.
10. Take bold ACTIONS to make things happen. In every area of life, it’s up to you to GET the ball moving… and KEEP it rolling in the direction of your goals. Learn to continuously take Smarter Actions, and you WIN. Don’t and you won’t.

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